Our Spirits

Our legendary family recipe with a velvety smooth finish, crafted with ingredients like freshly squeezed apple juice, cinnamon, and other natural flavors, infused with our house made vodka. The end result is a rich, warm drink reminiscent of an All-American apple pie that grandma would be proud of.


Our spectacular take on the traditional Italian digestif (or after-dinner drink), made from only the finest quality lemons and ingredients that promises to be not too tart and not too sweet, resulting in a perfectly balanced and refreshing drink for any time of day. As a wise person once said, "When life hands you lemons, drink limoncello!". 

What makes a great vodka is a drink without as many impurities as possible, which is why here at Erie Distillery we have made it our mission, combined with our superior ingredients, to master the distilling process producing a Vodka that is crisp, clear and easy to drink. Whether you prefer your vodka straight or as the backdrop to your favorite cocktail, our exceptional Vodka will tantalize your taste buds, guaranteed!


Call us "Old Fashioned", our American Light Whiskey is a sensational, smooth tasting experience that will leave you imagining what it might have been like back in prohibition times.  You'll be wishing for one more, whether as a mixed cocktail or straight up on the rocks.  This is always a go-to choice.


Light Whiskey

Looking for the spice of life? This is a good place to start.  A favorite of pirates back in the day, and with good reason! A hint of vanilla, among other spices, you're sure to enjoy with your favorite beverage of choice. A taste worth fighting for!

Spiced Rum

White Rum

Our White Rum stands out on its own.  It's the perfect selection to enjoy a rum & coke, or other creation of your choice.

When you're yearning for a day that's sunny & 75 degrees, our coconut rum, mixed with your favorite Caribbean-style drink mixers are a sure bet!   Close your eyes and you'll immediately be dreaming of sandy white beaches or poolside with a breeze... ah, so relaxing!

Coconut Rum


Some like it HOT!  This moonshine will have you asking, where have you been all my life?!... been waiting long? "It's not how long you wait, it's who you're waiting for." Our signature Bloody Mary and Hot Pepper mixer cocktails will have you at hello!



A tradition was born in the 1920's where a diamond ring heirloom was passed on through the Harkness men.  It seems all but fitting to award our Gin a label honoring the family tradition.  Keeping it simple with  gin & tonic.  Salute to your family heritage and ours! 






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